An Observation

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Here is a dynamic that happens over and over and over:

1. Men communicate with women in harmful ways, or fail to be sufficiently inclusive of women, or in some other way harm women.

2. Self-proclaimed "good guys" who are definitely totally for sure not part of the "small but vocal minority" say that they want to help, but don't know how.

3. I write a piece offering some advice to that end.

4. I get pushback.

Over. And over. And over. I've been through this exact cycle countless times in ten years. Gamers. Atheists. Fanboys. Readers of this comic. Watchers of that TV show.


It's almost like they want to discourage me from actually offering advice.

It's almost like the solicitations for advice aren't really genuine at all, but just a way of looking like you give a fuck to get some cookies.

It's almost like it's a huge inconvenience for them when a woman actually takes in good faith their pleas for help and education, because offering advice robs them of the excuse that they don't know how to do better.


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