TV Corner: Scandal

[Content Note: Rape culture. Spoilers from the recent episodes of Scandal.]

image of Abby standing in an empty war room
Sad trombone.

It's been a minute since we last discussed Scandal. First, the show went on hiatus for like a million years, and then I got behind an episode, but now I am ALL CAUGHT UP! So here is a thread to discuss the recent episodes.

First of all: WHUT.

Second of all: What is even happening.

We are barreling toward Something Big, which we now know is a bomb with Fitz's name on it, care of Mama Pope. Plus the election. And, presumably, Pope & Associates' imminent bankruptcy, since no one can even remember the last time they actually took on a paying client.

Well, besides Fitz. I guess being a Republican campaign operative pays keep-all-your-hackers-spies-and-sundry-gladiators-happy kind of money.

Anyway! A lot has happened. RIP James. RIP a time in my life when I had never seen Huck licking Quinn's face.

And Mellie. Poor Mellie. The scene in which I had to watch Mellie stand there in vibrating silence while Fitz screamed at her about how she ruined them, how she'd never really sacrificed anything. I could hardly take it. "TELL HIM!" I screamed at my TV. "TELL HIM HIS FATHER IS A FUCKING DIRTBAG RAPIST!"

I felt so sad for Mellie and so angry at the show, because I still haven't forgiven the show for "Everything's Coming Up Mellie" in the first place, and because there is really no reason that Mellie would not tell Fitz what happened at this point, except to save it for Maximum Reveal Explosiveness, and that is just gross.

Also: I hate Fitz, and I hate his man-baby tantrums, and I hate that Olivia even gives a fuck about this guy anymore. If I have to hear about Vermont one more time, I'mma lose my shit.


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