Good Luck with All That

The Republican Party is launching an initiative to court female voters:
Signaling that the Republican Party is getting serious about wooing women, the Washington Post reported Monday that the Republican National Committee is planning to recruit an army of volunteers who will court young female voters in Democratic-leaning suburban areas.

The co-chair of the RNC, Sharon Day, is slated to launch the "14 in '14" program Monday in West Virginia, according to the Post, aiming to "sign up women who will commit 30 minutes per week in the 14 weeks before the election, making calls, recruiting other women, identifying voters and getting people to the polls."

..."Women are a very important part of the electorate and the RNC is very serious about engaging," Day told the Post. "The Democrats have relied on desperate attacks and we are going to aggressively work to correct the record and build relationships with women voters."
You know, there is a truthful way to undermine Democrats with women, which is to point out that nationally-elected Democrats have done very little to try to defend choice or address the onslaught of legislative restrictions to abortion access on the state level. But the GOP can't take that position—given that they're the ones trying to restrict access.

See also: Little meaningful movement on the pay gap; economic policy that entrenches poverty which disproportionately affects women and children; cuts to social programs on which women and children are disproportionately dependent; immigration policy that tears apart families and fails to address violence against female immigrants; etc.

On all of which GOP policy is even worse.

So they're going to have to resort to lies and obfuscation, because actually caring about women's lives and crafting effective social policy isn't an option they're willing to consider.

As it would cost them the rest of their bigoted base.

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