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Here is some stuff in the news today...

[Content Note: Terrorism; injury and death; (cropped) graphic image at link] Jeff Bauman, the man featured in an iconic photograph taken in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, who later helped identify the suspects, writes an important piece about being the subject of that photograph one year after the attack.

[CN: Fire; destruction; death] Wildfires raging in Chile have killed at least 16 people, and many more people have been displaced: "Strong winds [coming off the Pacific] have fanned the flames, making it difficult for firefighters to stop the blaze from spreading to over 2,000 acres. The fire has so far consumed 500 homes, and displaced at least 10,000 people. To curb looting, the Chilean government has called in police from all over the country. Officials are also drawing up a plan to evacuate a nearby prison that is in danger of being swallowed by the flames." This, just a little over a week after Chile suffered a major earthquake that caused a tsunami. If and when I can find recommendations to orgs providing aid, I will share them. Please feel welcome and encouraged to leave links to aid sites in comments.

[CN: Terrorism; death] There was a major terrorist attack on a Nigerian bus station this morning during rush hour: "The blast ripped a hole 1.2 metres (4ft) deep in the ground of Nyanya motor park, about 10 miles from the city centre, and destroyed more than 30 vehicles, causing secondary explosions as their fuel tanks ignited and burned. There was no official comment or immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion, though bus stations are a favoured target of Nigeria's Islamist militants." Many people have been killed and injured; the number of fatalities is not yet known.

[CN: Class warfare] Paul Krugman: "Three Expensive Milliseconds." On our infrastructure priorities, and what they say about our people priorities.

Here's a shocker: "Former watchdogs accuse Christie of interfering with state ethics agency." I find it hard to believe that nice man who didn't know anything about that terrible lane closure scandal would interfere with his state ethics agency. Liberal media conspiracy!

[CN: Racism; Christian supremacy] The ACLU is urging President Obama to "step in [and] make the FBI stand down and to ensure that his administration does not issue racial profiling guidance that permits bias-based policing. As a coalition of 225 groups from across America's civil rights and minority communities have urged, the guidance must: prohibit profiling based religion, national origin, or sexual orientation; close the loopholes for the border and national security; apply to state and local law enforcement agencies who work in partnership with the federal government or receive federal funding; cover surveillance activities; and contain enforceable standards. If these crucial changes are not made, the civil rights legacy of President Obama and Attorney General Holder will be forever marred by discrimination."

[CN: Misogyny] What is Jerry "women aren't funny" Lewis even talking about? "Seeing a woman project the kind of aggression that you have to project as a comic just rubs me wrong. And they're funny—I mean you got some very, very funny people that do beautiful work—but I have a problem with the lady up there that's going to give birth to a child—which is a miracle." This is being reported as Lewis "clarifying" his earlier comments, but I guess I don't have the right gleep-glorp plugged into my processing center to filter this word garbage as a clarification.

Do you want to know how to see tonight's total lunar eclipse? Well, here you go!

Here is a nice story about a woman named Desiree Christian who runs a small animal rescue for unwanted guinea pigs, rabbits, and hedgehogs: "I love each and every piggy and bunny like it's my own pet. Plus, how could you not enjoy seeing those cute faces every morning?" Love.

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