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The Republican National Committee has a TERRIFIC new ad campaign designed to appeal to Millennials. Starring Scott the Cool Millennial, who you know is cool because he is a white guy who wears tortoiseshell specs and a leather jacket and has carefully unkempt facial hair, the ads are PRETTY COMPELLING. I'm sure you'll agree:

A young white man, as above described, sits in his car. He looks ahead, not at the camera, which is to his side, and says, as though he's reading it from a cue card plastered against his unseen windshield, "I shouldn't have to check my bank account before I fill up my car, but soooooo much of my paycheck ends up going to gas! And we haven't even talked about my heating bill at home. So when it comes to energy policy for this country, I'm for everything—solar, wind, shale gas, oil, whatever. [chuckles] I'm a Republican, because we should have an all-of-the-above energy policy."

The Republican Party elephant logo pops onscreen, accompanied by text reading: "Create Your American Dream."
Alex Pareene, who gets the hat tip, says: "I mean, increased domestic energy production doesn't necessarily lower fuel prices in the U.S. because it is a worldwide market, and 'all of the above' is actually the energy policy of both parties, but, you know, 'whatever,' as the millennials say. 'LOL,' they sext one another. 'Let's frack some shale gas, YOLO.'"


But Scott the Cool Millennial isn't finished yet!

Scott stands on a city street, beside his car, and faces the camera but looks off to one side of it, still as though he's reading from a cue card: "I feel pretty lucky to have a job. So many people I know are unemployed. And it's like their lives are stuck in neutral." The camera pulls back to reveal he's gassing up his car. (LOL.) "So I get ticked off at politicians who say they want to help the unemployed, and then vote for regulations that make it impossible to hire anyone." The camera cuts back in to the closer shot. "Listen, you can't help the unemployed by hurting the people that could employ them. I'm a Republican because my friends need a paycheck, not an empty promise."

The Republican Party elephant logo pops onscreen, accompanied by text reading: "Create Your American Dream."
Regulation of corporations is such a bummer, amirite? It LITERALLY makes it IMPOSSIBLE for corporations to hire people!

There are a couple of problems with that assertion, but I am even more confused by the idea of a 20-something saying he's "ticked off."

Welp, good luck with your campaign, Republicans. I'm sure all the kids will love it!

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