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Here is some stuff in the news today!

[Content Note: War on agency] The Iowa House has passed a bill banning telemedical abortion, which allowed "women to consult with doctors through video technology before being prescribed the abortion-inducing pill. It has been heralded as a safe and effective form of reproductive health care since its implementation five years ago, and allows women living in rural areas to obtain the medication without having to travel." So let's definitely ban it. Perfect.

[CN: Homophobia] The Arizona Senate has passed a bill "which would effectively allow businesses to deny services to LGBT people" under the auspices of "religious freedom." Fucking gross. There's no way this will pass constitutional muster.

[CN: Guns; police brutality] A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed by police in Georgia after he answered the door with a Wii remote in his hand, which the officer thought was a gun. Jesus Jones. I want to note, again, that our collective unwillingness to address our garbage gun policies is making police objectively less safe (as it is making all of us less safe), and surely there are individual officers whose fear about gun proliferation will inform an urge to use deadly force in situations where none is needed. That is not to absolve these officers of their crimes, not even a little bit, but to highlight yet another consequence of our failure to take action on guns. My point is not to make excuses for the officers, but to address what our communal responsibility is in having failed their victims.

[CN: Guns] Speaking of guns: "Rep. Jared Wright leaves loaded handgun in House committee room." The Republican Colorado state legislator says "he often carries a concealed handgun inside the Capitol" and: "I feel it's my duty to be a first responder wherever I am at. That's why I carry it." Good grief.

Astrophysicists have "made use of a high-energy X-ray observatory to perform an autopsy on a dead star," figuring out how stars explode into supernovas. Neat!

Sir Patrick Stewart has some fun on Twitter after the Guardian "outs" him. My favorite: "Well, @guardian it makes for a nice least I didn't wake up to the internet telling me I was dead again." LOL.

The cast of the Fantastic Four reboot has been revealed, and they are: Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Miles Teller. Are you excited for this casting? Y/N?

Finally: Here is a picture of Peter Dinklage on the cover of the latest issue of Esquire. You're welcome.

image of actor Peter Dinklage on the cover of Esquire magazine, looking super foxy

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