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Here is some stuff in the news today!

[Content Note: War on agency] South Dakota is considering legislation that would "effectively ban abortions past seven weeks' gestation," "make it illegal to perform an abortion if a 'living' fetus is 'dismembered' during an abortion," and impose on abortion doctors "a prison sentence of up to 25 years under one provision, and a maximum life sentence under a second provision." The imprecise language is an intimidation tactic designed to discourage physicians from providing abortions to people who need them.

[CN: War on agency; anti-choice terrorism] Relatedly: Please read this story that the terrific Robin Marty did about Dr. Cheryl Chastine, a physician who provides abortions "at South Wind Women's Clinic, the newly opened reproductive health care center that stood in the place of Dr. George Tiller's former clinic." I want to say all the things about Dr. Chastine's immense bravery and tenacity and decency, and I want to say fuck the people who oblige her to be brave and tenacious just to do her goddamn job.

Scientists are getting closer to generating "more energy from fusion reactions than they put into the nuclear fuel, in a small but crucial step along the road to harnessing fusion power. The ultimate goal—to produce more energy than the whole experiment consumes—remains a long way off, but the feat has nonetheless raised hopes that after decades of setbacks, firm progress is finally being made."

[CN: Guns; racism] The jury is deliberating the fate of white defendant Michael Dunn, who killed black teenager Jordan Davis after a dispute over loud music. Find him guilty find him guilty find him guilty.

What is even going on with Rand Paul? "Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been caught using purloined passages in several of his speeches. Now the aspiring presidential candidate stands accused of filing a lawsuit stolen from its author." Okay.

[CN: Violence] This is so sad: After a peaceful rally in which 10,000 people demonstrated against the policies of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, "a small group of protesters stayed behind after the end of the main march and clashed with the security forces. It was at that time that a number of armed men on motorcycles shot at the crowd, triggering a stampede." Three people are now dead.

Do you want to read a very detailed story about how Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is terrible and has always been terrible? Well, you are in luck!

[CN: Racism] Paula Deen has a new business partner who's investing at least $75 million in her new venture. Terrific. I'm sure this momentary stumble in her multimillion dollar career has taught her important lessons about not treating people like absolute garbage.

RIP Sid Caesar.

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