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image of a tweet authored by Crystal Good reading: 'I live in Charleston, WV. We have been w/out WATER for 6 days. The ban has lifted -- but would YOU drink this?' followed by a picture of a bathtub filled with dingy yellow water

If you missed Aaron Bady's piece "Freedom Industry" linked in Monday's Blogaround, I will recommend it again.

See also: Critics Say Spill Highlights Lax West Virginia Regulations.

I am reminded once more of a post Mannion published approximately one hundred years ago, in which he wrote:
Americans have a habit of talking about politics as something apart from the normal doings of our lives. Kind of strange of us, considering that the normal doings of our lives are only possible because of politics. Turning on the tap to get a drink of water is a political act if only because the water flows and is relatively clean because of decisions made by politicians who owe their jobs to political decisions made by us.
We often hear admonishments to not "politicize" events like this, but a clean glass of drinkable water is political even when no one is looking.

[Crystal Good's tweet via @SoDevolved.]

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