The Oscar Nominations Open Thread

[Content Note: Racism; appropriation.]

The 2014 Oscar Nominations have been announced. The complete list can be viewed here.

Not a single woman of color was nominated in the Best Actress category. The only people of color nominated for acting awards were Chiwetel Ejiofor (Best Actor) and Lupita Nyong'o (Best Supporting Actress) for 12 Years a Slave, and Barkhad Abdi (Best Supporting Actor) for Captain Phillips.

While white actors and actresses were nominated for playing roles like stock broker, astronaut, patient advocate, pursuer of justice, random white person living hir random white person life, black actors were nominated exclusively for playing enslaved people and a pirate.

That is not to demean, at all, the fine work done by the nominated black actors. It is merely to observe that the type of roles for black actors, especially those likely to garner award nominations, is vastly different from those available to white actors.

On Twitter, Amadi observed:

image of a tweet authored by Amadi, reading: 'The only major nomination received by


And in a nation where most of these films were made, the US, which has a population that is 17% Hispanic or Latin@, not a single Hispanic or Latin@ actor can be found among the nominees.

In other news, of course Jared Leto was nominated for his portrayal of a transgender woman, because why wouldn't he be. *thatface*



UPDATE: On Twitter, Flavia noted that the Razzie Nominations, which purport to nominate the worst films, filmmakers, and actors of the year, seemed to have nominated more people than the Oscars. And, in fact, just in CNN's coverage of the Razzies, there are mentioned four people of color nominated for worst performances: Jaden Smith, Tyler Perry, Halle Berry, and Selena Gomez.

That's one more than the Oscars.

Which is to say nothing of nominations for writing, directing, etc. Worst films include Tyler Perry's latest as well as After Earth, starring & directed by men of color.

UPDATE 2: Michael K has the complete list of Razzie nominations here, and there are even more nominated people of color, including Salma Hayek, Chris Brown, and Will Smith.

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