Insert Grunting Noises Here

[Content Note: Misogyny; patriarchy.]

Last night, Kenny Blogginz was telling me that he had watched some of Tim Allen's sitcom Last Man Standing (see also), and that it was even worse than his old show, Home Improvement.

Iain came to the States a few years after Home Improvement had left the airwaves, and has never seen Last Man Standing, so we were trying to explain Tim Allen's career to him. Care of YouTube, I showed him a piece of Tim Allen's famous stand-up special titled Men Are Pigs, and then we watched this amazing 14-minute supercut of every grunt from Home Improvement.

Iain just looked so confused, lol. I mean, how to explain that there is a very popular celebrity whose entire career is based on the idea that men are grunting animals? That he had a show which ran for eight seasons in which he just grunted and waa-barked and squealed, and people thought it was hilarious? And that now he has a show which is even worse?

The thing is, Tim Allen would be the first person to say that feminists are man-haters. But I can think of exactly zero feminists who have become multimillionaires on the premise that men are literally grunting animals who need to be tamed.

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