Indiana Republicans' Latest Ploy to Circumvent Democracy

[Content Note: Homophobia.]

Indiana already has a state law restricting same-sex marriage, but our Republican-controlled state legislature is nonetheless determined to codify discrimination into the state constitution, despite the fact that a majority of Hoosiers do not support the proposed legislation and in fact want the existing ban repealed.

So determined are they to pass this discriminatory and indecent legislation that they will resort to the most breathtaking fuckery: "House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, may take the extraordinary step of replacing members on the House Judiciary Committee to ensure the marriage amendment wins committee approval and gets a vote by the full House. ...At least three of the nine Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are believed to be considering voting with the four committee Democrats against the marriage amendment, which would kill it."

Got that? The Republican House Speaker will replace Republican members on the House Judiciary Committee in order to pass anti-gay legislation that a majority of people in the state don't even want.

Bookmark this story for the next time you see some smug fauxgressive jerk talking about how people in red states are all backwards hillbillies who deserve whatever we get. Because this is the kind of shit we're dealing with.

teaspoon icon State Rep. Brian Bosma's contact form for Indiana residents is here. His office telephone number if 317.232.9677. His office's email is Please contact him and politely request that he stop pursuing passage of HJR-3 and instead support equality.

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