[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Every single year around Christmastime, there is some advert (or multiple adverts) the premise of which is a straight dude buying THE PERFECT GIFT for his wife, so she can use it to do something for him. To wit, this Walmart/KitchenAid commercial, which I have seen 97 zillion times in the last couple of weeks:

As up-tempo Christmas music plays in the background, a middle-aged, in-betweenie sized black man stands in an aisle at Walmart looking at a stand mixer.

A female voiceover says: "It is better to give than receive. Just give someone who loves to bake a KitchenAid mixer."

The man envisions a holiday cake disappearing piece by piece. "Yummy!" says the female voiceover.

Cut back to the man holding the mixer under his arm, while standing in a Superman stance with one hand on his hip, looking into the distance, pleased with himself.

"Dad, you own this season!" says the voiceover. A male voiceover kicks in to talk about the benefits of shopping at Walmart. The end.
Dad, you own this season—for buying something for Mom that she can use to bake you delicious cake!

I find these adverts only slightly less objectionable than the ones where men are buying jewelry with the implication it will get them laid.

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