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[Content Note: Disablist language.]

There is a lot being written right now, in media that leans left and leans right (as well as media that pretends it doesn't lean either way), about Obamacare being in trouble. Democrats are starting to distance themselves from the legislation. There is nothing but bad news about when is going to be fully functional. And the lie that people would be able to keep their policies is turning out to be a major problem.

Much of what's being written is so full of disablist language ("Democrats are going crazy" or " is crippled") that I don't even want to link to it, but Ezra Klein's piece here is pretty good.

This is my current concern: If this health insurance reform fails, especially since it's widely regarded and referred to as healthcare reform, it's going to set back meaningful healthcare reform—single-payer, universal healthcare, i.e. Medicare for all—for who knows how much longer. It would be a very long time before a healthcare reformer can make a proposal without the specter of failed Obamacare haunting the national discourse.

I wish Democrats up for reelection would not be so quick to distance themselves from the legislation for that reason alone. Of course, I also understand wholly being a Democrat who was assured they could sell it to their constituents on the lie they would definitely be able to keep their healthcare if they liked it, and now look like liars or bozos.

What a mess.

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