Whooooooooooops Your Math

I am not a fervent cheerleader of Obamacare (because I am not a fan of corporate hand-outs to insurance companies who try to maximize profits and will happily compromise the health of their customers to do so, and because I want SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE FOR EVERYONE IN THE US LIKE YESTERDAY), but I have nothing but contempt for the legions of mendacious dipshits who are trying to discredit Obamacare based on cost alarmism. To wit:
An article published by Forbes claiming that Obamacare will increase health care costs by $7,450 for a typical family of four is spreading like wildfire across the internet, but causing eye rolls from economists across the country.

The estimate by author Chris Conover, an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, comes from a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) report, which projects that national health care spending will increase once the uninsured begin enrolling in the law's health care exchanges.

...One economist interviewed by ThinkProgress, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities' Paul Van de Water, described this calculation as one of the stupidest things he's read in a long time...
LOL! Please click through to find out exactly why it's so stupid. I won't spoil the fun for you!

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