Come On, Hillary. YES OR NO!

Paul Steinhauser at CNN: How long can Hillary Clinton wait?

I am relieved the article at least includes quotes from people who say, without qualification, that Hillary Clinton can take all the time she wants and needs to make her decision about whether to run for president again.

But fuck. This shit is old.

I understand how politics work. There are people (men) who want to run if Hillary isn't running, who don't want to put the time and energy and money into exploratory committees if Hillary Clinton is going to run. So they'd like an answer.

But tough shit. It's not her fault, in fact it the complete opposite, that Hillary Clinton has earned, earned, the luxury of being able to take her time making her decision.

And it serves her interests to delay her announcement, if she indeed decides to run. She shouldn't be hectored in making any decisions and/or announcements that don't serve her own best interests, and her own best chances, because it's inconvenient for other people (men) in her party.

This isn't even about Hillary Clinton, really. At least not just about her. It's about narratives, and about where women stand in the Democratic Party.

Grumpy Feminist is grumpy.

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