This is a real thing in the world.

by Shaker Mod aforalpha

[Content Note: Discussion of near-miss auto accidents.]

screen cap of product page for what is essentially a mini-desk for one's car that can be used to work while driving
[Click image to view product page.]

This will never be involved in any traffic accidents. *that face* A couple of thoughts:

1. Distracted driving is a big enough problem as it is. I know people resist the idea that it's a problem, but I've nearly been hit, both as a passenger and in my car, by drivers who didn't even notice the near miss because they were so absorbed in something else. I've also been the passenger in a car with a driver who was on the phone who didn't notice pedestrians, made unsafe lane changes, etc.

2. It's a sad thing that people are being encouraged to turn their cars into offices. Some people's work will necessitate that some amount of work happen in their car—salespeople and so on (though the steering wheel desk that is advertized as a place to eat made me wonder what ever happened to park benches and then I remembered that we don't believe in investing in our country). But aside from those very specialized circumstances, it's just this push to squeeze every last drop out of people rather than just, you know, hiring more people.

3. The company is called AutoExec, but I'm pretty sure that most autoexecs just hold their tablets with their hands in the back seat while someone else drives.


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