Transcripts! One Month Later!

It's probably time to update everyone on the on-going transcript project! So let's do this thing!

I was going through my filibuster tweets the other day in order to make a Storify of the whole thing, and was amused by my panic when looking for the full filibuster video and my announcement to spend The Rest Of My Life transcribing the filibuster. Was that really only one month ago? Did I really know so little about Texas legislative politics back then? I feel like I've aged a decade in a matter of weeks. It's a amusing-yet-sobering feeling, and the fact that so many of you are here with me is worth more to me than words can convey. It's a tingling in my heart that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time, only the tears are joyful ones mostly untinted by sadness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We have had quite a few volunteers forced to drop out of the project because of various life events. (I wish them/you all the best, they/you will still be listed as supporters of the project unless they/you prefer not to be, and they/you are all encouraged to write me for emotional support and solidarihugs because I love them/you all and worry about them/you all. Seriously.) If you've not yet volunteered for the project but would like to but assumed that you weren't needed because of the 100+ number, let me assure you that you are absolutely needed. Every helper is invaluable.

Here are some links and Ways You Can Help (WYCH): 

1. My email address is, and I generally respond to emails within 72 hours of receipt. WYCH: I run on sunlight and solidarity emails, so don't hesitate to email me for any reason. I also love receiving typo-reports by email (see links below) and general readability feedback on the transcript formatting.

2. My YouTube channel is here, where you can access the video segments as they go up. WYCH: I've received warning that our project may be targeted by anti-choice groups who may try to abuse the YouTube report buttons to try to take down the public domain video. I don't know if higher "like" stats on a video help YouTube to look at reports manually instead of via automation, but I'm encouraging people to "like" the videos if they like them, as a potential buffer against fake challenges.

3. The transcripts sheet are posted below. WYCH: The transcripts can use eyes on them. Everything is proofed at least twice before it goes up, but things get missed nonetheless. Things to check for: (1) do links go where they claim to go? (2) is there confusing material that needs an editor's note or a link? (3) is material being quoted (for instance from the bill itself) but not marked as a quote? (4) are there places with too much "word noise" (ums, uhs, ahs, stutters) such that the material is difficult to read? (5) does the uploaded material sound correct/complete all the way through? (I'm not re-listening to everything on YouTube to verify the upload.) Etc.

a. Texas Senate Filibuster of SB5 (06-25-2013) Transcript
b. Texas House Amendments of HB2 (07-09-2013) Transcript
c. Texas Senate Amendments of SB1 (07-13-2013) Transcript
d. Texas Senate Committee Hearing of Citizen Testimony (07-08-2013) Transcript

4. Progress report! The transcript work assignment sheet is here: Transcript Work Assignments. Posted transcripts are marked with a yes. Transcripts which have been uploaded and sent out are marked with a sent. Transcripts which have come back and are being proofed are marked with a proofing. We are about 50% through posting the filibuster transcript (a). I am about 80% through in splicing and sending out the House amendments (b). If we don't run out of volunteers and willpower, I would like to add a fifth video to the above: the citizen testimony prior to the filibuster which was cut off early by the committee leaders. WYCH: If you can volunteer to have your name added to the list, that would be great! If you have already volunteered and are waiting for a video, THANK YOU.

5. Signal Boosting! If you can make Wendy Davis or Kirk Watson or Royce West or Rodney Ellis or Gene Wu or Planned Parenthood or The Texas Democratic Party or President Obama or Hillary Clinton or anyone else aware of these transcripts, please do so! I would very much ideally like this stuff to start going out on campaign posters; there's a lot of good quotes here for reasons why this bill will hurt people with uteri and reasons why this really is a misogynistic vendetta and not just a wub-of-baybees. The thing is, I'm not politically connected, so if YOU are, you can totes help by bringing all this up at your next dinner party with Cecile Richards. (And tell her I said 'hi'.)

I think that's it. Thank you all so, so much for your help and support. Someday I hope to sleep again, lol.

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