Today in Royal Misogyny

CNN's Royal Contributor (via TPM):

White female CNN anchor, whose name I don't know, with a US accent: Victoria Arbiter is joining me; she is live in New York, but she knows the royal life very well, having lived in Kensington Palace—her dad, Dickie Arbiter, was the press secretary for the Queen for many, many years. So exciting—just, first, your reaction, Victoria.

Victoria Arbiter, a white woman with an English accent: Oh, I was just thrilled! I mean, I can't believe that we finally, after all this waiting, know that we have a BOY. So, my first thought, I have to say, was: This is how brilliant a royal Kate is. There are women throughout British royal family history that have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy—and here we are; Kate did it first time, so. It does mean, of course, a change in the laws to succession conversation is over for another good thirty years or so, but we're celebrating and thrilled that Kate has had a healthy, bouncing baby boy.
Listen, I'm not into the royals, and no one who argues that European monarchies are a relic of the past are going to get any argument from me (although I do envy Britain's having a distinct head of state and head of government, and take it from a USian that it sucks when you don't, but none of this is on-topic for this thread and I digress), but I do think it's just aggressively gross that after Queen Elizabeth II has been sitting on the throne for 61 years, there are still people who imagine that it takes a man to do the job.

Also: There was a change in the succession laws in 2011 that means either a boy or girl would be heir, so Arbiter's point, broadcast by CNN, is literally just YAY A BOY BECAUSE BOYS ARE THE BEST! There is not even any concern about female heirs anymore to justify this shit.

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