The Rules

As Ana mentioned, she's got a longer post coming about the details of what happened in Texas last night; we're sort of tag-teaming coverage this morning, as we did yesterday. We spent pretty much the entire evening texting back and forth, lots of "WHAT IS HAPPENING" and "THIS IS WRECKING MY SHIT" and "WENDY DAVIS IS EVERYTHING" and other CAPS LOCK OBSERVATIONS. All of my feminist friends, in Texas or elsewhere, were watching. Or, like Jessica Luther, they were at the statehouse, making ALL THE NOISE when noise-making was necessary.

To quote my pal Veronica, "After #StandwithWendy, I don't wanna hear another peep about NYC being the center of feminism, online or not. We're everywhere."

We're everywhere. And we're watching. We're watching Republicans stop at nothing to try to legislate state control of our bodies. Literally nothing. When all else fails, they simply break the rules. Because they're in the business of making rules for us, and using those rules to marginalize us; not in the business of following the rules. Rules are for people they want to control. Rules don't apply to them.

Last night, this was my most popular tweet, which has now been retweeted more than 400 times:

screen cap of a tweet I posted reading: 'It's amazing how a bunch of jerkbags who spent the day obsessed with the minutiae of parliamentary procedure now don't care about the rules.'

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis abided the rules for nearly 13 fucking hours, standing there in a back brace, not able to take a piss or rest her voice or touch the podium, and then the Republicans broke the rules like it was nothing. Like the rules don't matter, except as a weapon to wield against people who are trying to do something they don't like.

They are a reprehensible bunch of scoundrels.

screen cap of a tweet I posted reading: 'And by 'amazing,' I mean comprehensively contemptible.'

Republicans break the rules. And then they have the unmitigated temerity to accuse cheering pro-choice constituents of being "unruly."

That would be fucking hilarious, if it weren't so goddamned terrible.

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