Tom Hardy and a Puppy Visit Central Park

image of actor Tom Hardy strolling through Central Park holding a grey pit bull puppy in his arms

[Content Note: Body policing.]

"Tom," said the puppy, licking its nose, "did you hear about how Vin Diesel said that 'Hollywood is more concerned about its male actors being in shape than its female actors,' ha ha for real no kidding he actually said that?" And Tom laughed and said, "Yes, I did hear about that." And the puppy said, "I'm pretty sure I know what you're going to say here, Tom, but do you think that's true?" And Tom said, "I will only make this observation: I believe the closest Jack Black has ever come to having a fat leading lady is Gwyneth Paltrow in a fat suit." And the puppy said, "So that's a no then?" And Tom said, "Yes, puppy. That's a no." And then Tom added: "Which is not an argument that Jack Black should look any different than he does. It is instead an argument that female leads should be more diverse than they are. And so should male leads, frankly." And the puppy nodded, then ran off to buy a lemon ice.

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