This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

[Content Note: Hostility for agency; injury/death; guns.]

Kirsten Powers at The Daily Beast: Abortion Rights Community Has Become the NRA of the Left.

Actual subhead: "The abortion clinic of alleged killer Kermit Gosnell was not illegal. But any talk of more government regulation unleashes an NRA-style assault from the abortion rights contingent, says Kirsten Powers."


So, pretty much every single thing about this article is garbage, and I will leave it to you to parse every bit of gruesome fail in comments, but I do want to highlight this bit:
Even liberal Europe gets this. In France, Germany, Italy, and Norway, abortion is illegal after 12 weeks. In addition to the life-of-mother exception, they provide narrow health exceptions that require approval from multiple doctors or in some cases going before a board. In the U.S., if you suggest such stringent regulation and oversight of later-term abortions, you are tarred within seconds by the abortion rights movement as a misogynist who doesn't "trust women."
I can only speak for myself, a certified steampunk abortion robot, but the primary reason I absolutely and unequivocally do not support criminalizing abortion after 12 weeks in the US is because the US does not have universal healthcare (which France, Germany, Italy, and Norway do) and has large abortion deserts across which millions of US residents must travel to access an abortion provider (which France, Germany, Italy, and Norway do not).

These two factors (among others) conspire to create a situation for many abortion-seeking people in which they can't access an abortion provider until past the 12-week mark. Criminalizing abortion after 12 weeks means the women and other people with uteri who most can't afford pregnancy care, childbirth, and/or parenting are the ones least likely to be able to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

And, personally, I don't think a failure to comprehend that fairly simple fact is the result of being a misogynist. It's the result of being a privileged dipshit.

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