Give Up Now, Hillary!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back to Take Your Boobs and Go Home. Since the Benghazi Strategy to Derail a Possible Hillary Clinton Presidential Run isn't getting the desired traction for Republicans, it's time to switch gears and tell Clinton she shouldn't even bother:
The top advisor to last year's Republican nominee predicted Wednesday that if Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, she will lose in a Democratic primary.

...Stu Stevens, the senior advisor to Mitt Romney's failed presidential bid, told reporters at a breakfast sponsored by National Review that Clinton wouldn't survive a Democratic primary.

"I would predict that if Hillary Clinton runs, she'll lose the primary," he said.
First of all, that is possible! Clinton was widely thought to be capable of strolling straight from the announcement of her candidacy right to the Oval Office in 2008, but her "inevitable" presidency was derailed by a senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. There is no guarantee the same thing couldn't happen again, but I'm guessing no one is more aware of that possibility than Hillary Clinton.

Secondly, Clinton has picked some garbage advisors in her career, but I'm pretty sure that even someone who's hired Mark Penn isn't inclined to take career advice from the dipshit who advised Mitt "People Are Not Entitled to Food" Romney right into a sinecure at his son's investment firm.

image of Mitt Romney, to which I have added text reading: 'It's even BETTER than the White House. They'll direct-deposit my paycheck right into my offshore account. Plus: I steal more than the president's salary in paper clips every week.'

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