BREAKING: Explosions At Boston Marathon

[Content note: Injury; death; possible terrorism]

Reports have just started coming in of at least two explosions (TW on the link) at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. There are injuries. More info as it comes.

UPDATE 1: Media appears to be on lockdown at the hotel near the finish line that serves as the Marathon's headquaters.

UPDATE 2: The first explosion was at 2:50 on Boylston Street, with a second blast (TW on the link) following about 15 seconds later.

UPDATE 3: CNN is reporting at least a half dozen injured. This number will undoubtedly change.

UPDATE 4: [From Liss; CN for violent images] Care of Shaker Mod Scott Madin, Igor at Think Progress has some images from the scene, which may be disturbing, showing the chaos after the bombing. He also writes: "The Boston Herald reports that at least 12 people are injured and Boston Police now says that at least 3 people have died. …Police scanner reports also indicate the presence of multiple suspicious devices."

UPDATE 5: Cell service in Boston is overloaded. Word is texts are going through.

UPDATE 6: The Post is reporting 12 dead.

UPDATE 7: [From Liss; CN for violent video and images] MSNBC's video of the explosions as they happened is here. There is not, that I could see, any footage of injury, but people were injured and killed during the explosions, so it may be upsetting footage to watch.

UPDATE 8: Boston PD is reporting two dead, and 23 injured.

UPDATE 9: [From Liss] President Obama has directed federal agencies to assist in the investigation of the Boston explosions. NBC News is reporting that officials have told them that multiple explosive devices have been found, at least two of which exploded.

UPDATE 10: Intelligence official: Two more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon; being dismantled.

UPDATE 11: Here is a map of the explosions.

UPDATE 12: The mile marker at the 26th mile, near where the explosions took place, was dedicated to the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

UPDATE 13: [From Liss] CBS News is quoting a law enforcement official who believes they have a surveillance photo of a potential suspect.

UPDATE 14: [From Liss] Statement from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick: "This is a horrific day in Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been injured. I have been in touch with the President, Mayor Menino, and our public safety leaders. Our focus is on making sure that the area around Copley Square is safe and secured. I am asking everyone to stay away from Copley Square and let the first responders do their jobs."

UPDATE 15: Google has put up a Person Finder for Boston.

UPDATE 16: [From Liss] Blub: "Reports of Marathon Runners that crossed finish line and continued to run to Mass General Hospital to give blood to victims."

UPDATE 17: [From Liss; CN for graphic image of injury at link] The AP is reporting that cell phone service "has been shut down in the Boston area to prevent any potential remote detonations of explosives."

UPDATE 18: [From Liss; CN for footage of bombing and injury] This video shows the explosions and immediate aftermath from the finish line. Unlike the above-linked video, there is brief imagery of blood and injury. It shows the fear and chaos, but also the extreme bravery of first responders (and runners and spectators) who ran toward the explosions in order to help.

UPDATE 19: [From Liss] President Obama will deliver a statement from the Briefing Room of the White House at 6:10 ET. You will be able to watch it live here.

UPDATE 20: [From Liss] Scott Madin: "BPD Commissioner Davis flatly says they have not detained a suspect."

UPDATE 21: [From Liss] The FBI has reportedly classified the explosions in Boston as a terrorist act. I should certainly hope so. Once it was established they were human-made devices with intent to harm, and not accidental mechanical explosions (e.g. an overwhelmed transformer), that's an act of terrorism, irrespective of the characteristics of the person(s) who did it.

UPDATE 22: [From Liss] The President's statement was short and to the point, no questions. He cautioned that we don't know all the facts, but "we will find out who did this and hold them accountable." Said: "Boston is a tough and resilient town. So are its people."

UPDATE 23: [From Liss; CN for graphic images and descriptions of injury at link] The AP is reporting: "Boston police said two people were killed. Hospitals reported at least 105 injured, at least 15 of them critically."

UPDATE 24: Among the two confirmed dead is an eight-year old. "Numerous other children were injured."

UPDATE 25: A third fatality is being reported.

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