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image of Dudley the Red and White Greyhound lying on the couch, his ear flipped up over the arm, revealing the tattoo that shows his racing number
Dudley Q. McEwan: A dog I love more than I can possibly describe.

April is National Greyhound Adoption Month!

On April 28, 2010, Dudley came to stay at Shakes Manor. On the one hand, I can't believe it's already been almost three years since he arrived. On the other, I almost can't remember life without him, because he is so tightly woven into the fabric of our lives that it feels like he's been here forever, that we've always had a giant, two-dimensional dog strutting about the place and taking up egregious amounts of space on the furniture.

Dogs aren't for everyone, and Greyhounds aren't for every dog-lover. If you want a high-energy dog who can be your companion in cold-weather sporting and run around off-leash, the Greyhound probably isn't your dog. But if you want a low-key dog who can be your companion on the couch and is happy with a walk and the occasional breathtaking burst of speed at the dog park, the Greyhound may be just the dog for you.

In the three years we've had Dudley, I've had people occasionally express surprise that he is so sweet-natured, so friendly, so ebulliently full of life. There is some prejudice about Greyhounds that they are broken, that they are pitiable creatures who need a special kind of owner to love them despite their brokenness.

This is simply not true. Greyhounds are goofy, gangly packages of indomitable effervescence, whose capacity to give love and willingness to receive it, in spite of their beginnings, is extraordinary.

They are survivors. And given the chance, they'll rescue you right back.

If you're thinking about adoption, please consider a retired racer. And if you are contemplating adopting a Greyhound, and have questions, please feel welcome and invited to email me.

Video Description: A video I made December 2010 in association with a pro bono project on which I was working for local greyhound rescue, which documents the change adoption makes in dogs' lives. Footage and a still image of Dudley when he first came to us, followed by footage and still images of Dudley over the time he's been part of our family. Set to Angelo Badalamenti's "Love Theme" from the score for Cousins.

two juxtaposed images of Dudley, one taken right after he came off the track, looking scared and pitiful, and one taken after he'd been with us for a few months, looking happy and confident< Dudley, just off the track and after living with us for awhile: This is the difference that rescue makes.

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