Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by cat trees.

Recommended Reading:

Lyle: President's Appointment Power Curbed

Aviva: CNN Anchor Tricks Opponent of Women in Combat to Endorse Racial Segregation [Content Note for misogyny and racism.]

Erica: Victory

Paul: Obama's Second Chance: The Reelected President Has Gun Law and Even Climate Change in His Sights [Note: If you read all the way to the very end, you will see a familiar name waxing repetitive about Obama being a stronger ally on reproductive rights. GEE WHO COULD IT BE?!]

Happy Place: If Downton Abbey Took Place Entirely on Facebook: Season 3, Episode 3 [Content Note for the same biases found in the episode.]

And from Flyover Feminism's Roe Week [content note for war on agency for all the below posts]:

Nicole Clark: Keeping the Faith in the Pro Choice Movement

Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo: Kansas: "Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide"

Lily Bolourian: Roe v. Wade Anniversary: Why I Am Not Satisfied After 40 Years

Alicia Walters: Policing African American Motherhood from Every Angle

ARROW: A Snapshot of the State of Abortion Across the Asian Region

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