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[Content Note: Guns; violence; misogyny.]

"I am feeling that there is more anger toward the mother than there is toward the son."—Lisa Sheridan, a resident of Newtown, quoted in an article about the town's feelings toward Nancy Lanza, mother and first victim of mass murderer Adam Lanza.

It's understandable to wonder why Nancy Lanza owned weapons, or the particular weapons she did, or how secure she kept them, although it's not particularly fair to fail to consider the possibility she had them to protect herself from her son, given that he was, indisputably, a danger to her.

It's understandable to wonder why she took him to the gun range with her, although it's not particularly fair to fail to grant her the good faith assumption it was not because she intended to train him to murder children.

It's understandable to wonder a lot of things, because we know precious little about Nancy Lanza, except that she apparently gave up her career to stay home with her troubled son. And that her life ended at his hands.

It's bullshit to hold her more accountable than her adult son.

[H/T to Erica.]

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