Important End-of-Year Fundraiser

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This is, for those who have requested it, your bi-monthly reminder to donate to Shakesville and/or to make sure to renew subscriptions that have lapsed.

It is also the time of year when I ask readers who visit this space and do not generally make donations (but can afford to) to please kick in to support Shakesville and the work we do here.

If you value the content and/or community in this space, please consider (if you can afford to) setting up a subscription or making a one-time contribution.

Running this strictly-moderated, independent, and freely accessible space on donations rather than corporate advertising or mandatory subscriptions means that my ability to keep it going depends on the support of the readership. This is a full-time job and then some for me, which I do every day trusting that the community will value my work as they are able.

The reality is that if you take Shakesville for granted, it won't survive, because I have to earn a living doing it, or I can't do it.

So if Shakesville means something to you, please donate once by clicking the "Make a Donation" button in the righthand sidebar, or set up a monthly subscription using the "Subscribe" button just below it, which has a dropdown menu of subscription options—or visit the Donation page, for even more options.

My profound thanks to those who can and do financially support the space.

[Please Note: I am not seeking suggestions on how to raise revenue; I am asking for donations in exchange for the work of providing valued content in as safe and accessible a space as possible.]

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