Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Racism.]

"Energetic in body but indolent in mind, Barack Obama in his frenetic campaigning for a second term is promising to replicate his first term, although simply apologizing would be appropriate."That is the opening sentence in George Will's latest column for the Washington Post, which should be embarrassed to publish anything written by this deceptively unassuming villain.

Energetic in body but indolent in mind. In plain English, George Will just called the African American President of the United States "athletic but lazy."

"Strong in body but not in mind" is an ugly and pervasive racist stereotype, hundreds of years old and intimately weaved into the fabric of this nation—a contemptible argument used to justify slavery, and Jim Crow laws, employment discrimination, and all manner of marginalization.

It is unfathomable how the WaPo could justify printing this straight-up racist garbage.

teaspoon icon Contact the Washington Post ombudsman.

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