Israel-Gaza Conflict: News & Open Thread

A couple of notes: We have managed to have thought-provoking and civil threads in this space on previous skirmishes between Israel and Hamas, and I trust that can happen again. If the thread gets ugly, it will just be closed. Please comment thoughtfully—and bear in mind that neither Israelis nor Palestinians are monolithic groups; among Israelis are people who agree with the Netanyahu administration's actions and people who condemn those actions; among Palestinians are people who agree with Hamas' leadership's actions and people who condemn those actions. There is not consensus among diaspora populations, either.

I don't have much to say, except this: My position remains, as it has always been, one of frustration with leaders and sympathy for all involved. It's not that I don't care (or have an opinion on) who's intrinsically got the more principled position; it's that sometimes, at a certain point, being right becomes less important than doing the right thing.

Below, some recommended reading (please note some of the stories below include images of war and injuries; as many of them are being updated, specific content notes aren't feasible, so proceed with caution):

The Guardian had excellent live coverage yesterday, if you need to get caught up. You can follow live coverage of today's events here.

Al Jazeera has a round-up of international reactions here.

Christiane Amanpour's coverage at CNN: Israel: 'All options on the table in Gaza.'

This is where things were a few days ago—Haaretz: Egypt Mediating Israel-Hamas Truce as More Than 100 Rockets Hit South.

This is where things are now—Guardian: Egypt Condemns Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza and Demands Ceasefire.

Jerusalem Post: Egypt Calls on US to Stop Israeli Aggression.

CNN: Hundreds of Strikes Across Gaza Border Stoke Fears of Ground War.

Jerusalem Post: United Nations Security Council Divided on Response to Gaza Operation.

Brent E. Sasley for The Daily Beast: Playing Politics.

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