Here Are Some Fun Things to Read

Politico—The GOP's Media Cocoon: "A long-simmering generational battle in the conservative movement is boiling over after last week's shellacking, with younger operatives and ideologues going public with calls that Republicans break free from a political-media cocoon that has become intellectually suffocating and self-defeating."

Washington Post—GOP's Red America Forced to Rethink What It Knows About the Country: "Here in the heart of Red America, Cox and many others spent last week grieving not only for themselves and their candidate but also for a country they now believe has gone wildly off track. The days after Barack Obama's reelection gave birth to a saying in Central Tennessee: Once was a slip, but twice is a sign."

There has been a lot of postmortem analysis of What Went Wrong, and much of it has been amusing to read, because it is all avoiding the most obvious problem: The Republican platform is garbage.

The GOP doesn't need better rhetoric behind which to hide its grotesque policies, nor more diverse candidates to be the public face of them. It just needs better policies.

And until the party and its supporters are ready to deal with that fundamental truth, this is merely the beginning of a long slide into irrelevance.

Which, y'know, is fine by me.

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