An Observation

Iain and I were just talking about why we think Obama won the election.

We each proposed various theories, each of which were collectively analyzed and explored. Some were dismissed out of hand, after consideration. Some were assessed to have merit, although they seemed at best factors that had insubstantial influence.

There are, after all, precious few people who wouldn't have voted for their chosen candidate if zie'd been different on this issue or that issue. Truly single-issue voters are rare. Which is in no small part because so many social and economic issues are inextricably linked.

So what is the magic thing?

At last, I said to Iain: "I think President Obama won because more people thought he is the better person. I think that's why Bush won reelection in 2004, too, even though I disagreed with the consensus that time. It really seems to come down to who is perceived by the most people to be the more decent person."

"I think you're right about that," Iain agreed. "And this time, America picked the right guy."

And so I add another WIN to the list: Yesterday, US voters decided to reject a bully.

Sometimes, it's the not-nice guys who finish last.

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