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[Content Note: Rape; misogyny; homophobia; transphobia.]

All the news that Deeky might have shared if he weren't hunkered down with Potter and Jack...

As you might have heard, there is a storm.

Mitt Romney said yesterday he was going to stop campaigning to focus on storm relief, and reportedly canceled the "victory rally" he was scheduled to hold in Dayton, Ohio today. Instead:
Romney will appear at the exact same venue at the exact same time with the exact same celebrity guests, but it will be billed as a "storm relief event." What about yesterday's promise about cancellations? A Republican official said Romney/Ryan hadn't broken its word because, technically, this is "not a campaign event per se."
Digby has more.

The storm has absolutely devastated Haiti, which is still in recovery from the earthquake three years ago.

How far right has the Republican Party actually veered? Well, David Frum now sounds like a feminist.

Newt Gingrich, however, still sounds like a total asshole.

Speaking of assholes, someone smashed the windows at the San Francisco GLBT Historical Society. Fortunately, the museum was closed at the time, no one was hurt, and "none of the historical objects on display were damaged."

Would you be surprised to hear that Mitt Romney's campaign "has been training poll watchers in Wisconsin with highly misleading—and sometimes downright false—information about voters' rights"? Me neither! What a collection of dirtbags!

A judge in California rules that convicted sex offenders in Simi Valley won't have to post a sign outside their home on Halloween reading "No candy or treats at this residence," but they're still not allowed to hand out candy.

Whooooooooooooooooooooooops: During an appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Idiculous) accused the Obama administration of enacting regulations that harm auto industry workers at manufacturers like the American Motors Corporation, which is the company once run by George Romney (Mitt's dad). One little problem: "AMC was sold to Chrysler during the Ronald Reagan administration and its brands were then discontinued."

The Scottish Human Rights Commission says Scotland "can do better" in combating transphobia, and launches a National Action Plan to tackle anti-trans* bias.

This is a real and terrible thing in the world: Over 20% of female veterans have been sexually assaulted while serving in the US Army, making a female soldier serving in a combat zone more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.

Gallup reports that 15% of registered voters have already cast ballots.

Do you want to see pictures of Lauren Conrad's new puppy that she adopted from a shelter? Why not, right? Go look at them! They are so cute!

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