Another Republican Genius on Abortion

[Content Note: Reproductive rights; hostility to people with uteri.]

Because I live in the Chicago suburbs, I get all the Chicago stations, which means I get the Chicago news, which means that I know way more about political races in northern Illinois than I do about those in Indiana. Like, for instance, the Congressional race between Republican Rep. Joe Walsh and Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth, who, as you may recall, is an Iraq veteran who lost her legs in service and is generally awesome (despite being more conservative than I am, like most Democrats).


Last night, the two candidates met for a sort of mini-debate, for a half-hour on local public television WTTW's Chicago Tonight, and one of the issues about which they were asked was abortion. That's when things got Akinish.

Care of WGN:
The two candidates also clashed on abortion rights.

Walsh said he was against abortion "without exception," including rape, incest and in cases in which the life or health of the mother was in jeopardy.

Asked by reporters after the debate if he was saying that it's never medically necessary to conduct an abortion to save the life of a mother, Walsh responded, "Absolutely."

"With modern technology and science, you can't find one instance," he said. "...There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing."
Whoooooooooooooops that is not correct. At all.

You know, it was always ethically repugnant to have a bunch of privileged men deciding what women and other people with uteri have the right to do with our bodies, but the more these Republican dipshits espouse their medical theories about how female et al reproduction works and reveal they have no fucking idea what they are talking about, the more evident it becomes that it is irresponsible and unjust and straight-up incompetent governance to allow them to hold decision-making positions in the area of reproductive health.

Even if it were not ethically repugnant to disallow people with uteri to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions, the people currently tasked with the job are comprehensively unqualified to do it.

Truly, only the most selfish, self-centered, careless, reflexively conservative shitbirds who lazily allow their cherry-picked religious beliefs to substitute for critical thought and trust any monster with an R behind his name to champion their "moral values" would not be alarmed by this catastrophic failure to demonstrate possession and comprehension of basic fucking facts. Not only do these dregs at the bottom of the voting barrel entrust men to make decisions for women, they don't even care if those men have any discernible knowledge of the subject, because knowledge isn't important when you're legislatin' for Jesus.

Good grief.

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