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[Content note: fat hatred, war, terrorism]

All The News In Fits and Spurts:

Federal agents and local police are investigating an explosion outside Democratic congressional candidate Brendan Mullen's northern Indiana home.

Mitt Romney has lowered expectations of his performance at next week's debate, noting it is his first time in a presidential debate. Good lord. What a great candidate you have there, Republicans!

Scientific American: Why airplane windows don't roll down.

California Governor Jerry Brown rode to Google headquarters in a self-driving Toyota Prius before signing legislation yeseterday that will allow driverless cars in that state. Neat!

Work has begun on two permanent rainbow-colored crosswalks on Santa Monica and San Vicente Boulevards in West Hollywood, California. Neat!

At the intersection of fat-shaming and war-mongering comes a bizarre public health campaign: an effort by retired generals and admirals to ban sugary sodas and snacks from public schools. The kids today, say the former brass, are too fat to fight for their country.

Nevermore: Baltimore's beleaguered Edgar Allan Poe House will be shutting its doors Friday, with plans to reopen in 2013 under the auspices of a nonprofit group hoping to increase attendance and make the city landmark self-sufficient.

Juvenile joke of the day: AFA is offering yard signs reading "Jesus Came For You".

Here is the new Life of Pi trailer. Neat!

Starting today, you can use Google Maps to find a sea turtle swimming among a school of fish, follow a manta ray, and experience the Great Barrier Reef at sunset. Neat!

Richard Hell and the Voidoids: "Love Comes In Spurts".

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