Weekend Pix

As I mentioned on Friday, Shaker GoldFishy, who is one of the longest-term Shakers (arriving here sometime during 2005), and his partner The Captain came to visit Friday and Saturday, and I thought I'd share some of the pix from our visit for those of you who'd like to see them. Pictures of GoldFishy shared with his permission.

image of GoldFishy, a handsome white man in his 40s, and Liss, sitting on the back porch at Shakes Manor

GoldFishy and me. More pix below the fold.

Friday afternoon, we pretty much sat around talking all day, which is a rare treat, since we live so far apart. When Iain got home from work, we went out to dinner at a local place—and, on our way there, the sky was absolutely glorious, and we were greeted by a spectacularly vivid double rainbow.

image of double rainbow from out the car window

image of the sky above the road ahead, with low-hanging beautiful clouds

image of the setting sun from the restaurant parking lot; the sky is just afire with bright pink light

After dinner, we went back to Shakes Manor and watched Olympics until we were all falling asleep where we sat.

The next morning, we decided to go to Indiana Dunes. We all piled in the car, including Dudley and Zelda, who basically think that Uncle GoldFishy and Uncle Cappy are the greatest dudes ever.

image of GoldFisjy in the backseat with Zelda and Dudley, who are both grinning
I died one million times of cute.

After Iain and I finally figured how the fuck to get there after not having been in an age, we walked to the dog-friendly part of the beach and went for a long stroll. (Which might have been even longer if my chondritis were not a garbage monster that conspires to ruin everything always.) It was SUCH A SUPER GORGEOUS DAY! The temperature was perfect, the breeze was perfect, the sky was perfect, the water was perfect—if we could have specifically requested a day to spend together, we would have asked for precisely that day. We all felt extremely grateful for the gift we'd been given by the universe.

image of the beach

image of Dudley and Zelda standing on the beach

After the beach, we spent the afternoon playing Yahtzee! and Apples to Apples, and we ate fully one million chips with two thousand gallons of salsa. Then, in the evening, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises, which GoldFishy and The Captain hadn't seen yet. And then, because Tom Hardy, we talked in Bane Voices and laughed and laughed.

Thank you for coming to visit, my friends.

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