At the supermarket over the weekend:

image of Iain's hand holding a bottle of Axe shower gel called 'Thai Massage'
Axe is, of course, known for its reprehensible advertising, which generally features women humping plumbing or having wanton sex with a strange dude in an elevator because of the allegedly irresistible power of Axe products.

(Which, as an aside, smell absolutely horrendous.)

So if you had a momentarily urge to defend the product on the basis that maybe it isn't a gross, exploitative wink at narratives about Asian masseurs doubling as sex workers, don't bother. Axe long ago disabused anyone with critical thinking skills of any notion that they deserve good faith.

I'm sure the company would assure it's all ha ha harmless good fun, but I'm guessing the Asian women who work as masseurs and routinely get harassed by d-bags making (not really) jokes about "happy endings" might not appreciate the humor. JUST A GUESS.

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