Today in No Shit, Sherlock

Newt Gingrich thinks US elections favor the rich:
Newt Gingrich said Tuesday that elections are "rigged, frankly, in favor of the wealthy."

"It is very difficult in America today," he told MSNBC's Al Sharpton. "If you look at New York where Mayor Bloomberg spent an extraordinary amount of personal money to buy the mayor's office for the third time. It is fairly hard to compete with a billionaire if — if they get to spend all the money they want and the middle-class candidate's raising money in $2,500 units. So I think the current system is rigged, frankly, in favor of the wealthy."
What a fucking genius.

Naturally, Gingrich's proposed solution is not meaningful campaign finance reform but allowing "any American can give any amount of after-tax personal income to the candidate as long as they report it every night on the internet." A perfect solution, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, this is the same guy who has nothing but sneering contempt for citizen participation in politics.

Basically, Newt Gingrich is just pouting because he's not a billionaire. Sad trombones for everyone.

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