The Sandusky Trial Gets Grosser

[Content Note: Sexual violence; rape apologia; rape jokes.]

Well, Jerry Sandusky's wife says "she did not see him have inappropriate contact with [any of the eight men who have accused her husband of abusing them as children] over the years they visited the couple's home or traveled with them," so case closed! Send the jury home, because obviously this totally objective testimony proves that the accusers are all liars!

If you're still not convinced, Mrs. Sandusky has more to say:
She described Victim 1 as "clingy," Victim 9 as "a charmer" and Victim 4 as "very conniving, and he wanted his way and he didn't listen a whole lot."
I do not know for sure that Jerry Sandusky raped those eight men when they were children, but I do know for sure that what doesn't convince me of his innocence is his wife talking about children in the same way that a cheated-on wife might talk about her husband's adult mistresses. Those vixens seduced him! Yikes.

Dottie Sandusky also says she was home at the time one of the accusers says he was "screaming for help" from the basement, but she never heard anything. Which we are naturally meant to take as evidence that it never happened, not that a person who describes a molested child as "clingy" or "conniving" might have chosen to hear and see only what she wanted.

Truly, layers upon layers of rape culture in this case.

In other news, Jerry Sandusky's defense attorney Joe Amendola responded to reporters' questions about whether Sandusky will take the stand in his own defense by telling them to "stay tuned" to the soap opera. When asked which soap opera, he replied: "General Hospital," then paused, reconsidered, and offered instead: "All My Children."


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