Daily Dose of Cute

At the end of nearly every day, I walk out of my office, down the hall, and into the living room to find Zelly on the couch, wagging her tail excitedly as I come into view. (The days this doesn't happen, it's because Zelly's in the office with me, nudging me to FINISH UP ALREADY IT'S TIME LET'S GO PLAY!) Last night, I filmed a bit of her evening greeting.

Video Description: I walk down the hall and then swivel to the right, to find Zelda on the sofa, her head on a pillow and her little Dorito ears sticking out to either side. "Whatsu doin'?" I ask her. "Are you being a good girl, Zelly, hmm?" Her tail starts wagging. "Are you being a good girl?" Her tail thumps against the couch. "Are you such a good dog? Are you?" I walk toward her, and her tail thumps excitedly. She turns her head submissively. "Are you my good girl?" Thump thump thump! "Do you need cuddles?" She lifts her head and looks at me and licks her lips. "You do? I need cuddles, too." Thump thump thump! "Should we cuddle together?" Thump thump thump! "Should we?" I sit down beside her, and her tail goes wild. She stretches her head toward me and I scratch it. "Oh, what a good girl," I tell her. "What a good girl."

Immediately thereafter, she rolled on her back, offering up the haystack (my nickname for her belly, which is covered in coarse blond hair) for some mega-cuddles, a request which I happily obliged.

Zelly lying on her back/side on the couch, showing her cute belly, while resting her head on a pillow

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