Daily Dose of Cute

Zelda is very particular about the times she wants to play and the times she wants to cuddle. (Fair enough! So am I!) Earlier today, after coming back in from running around in the backyard, I offered to play Get the Squirrel with her (rules: I have the squirrel; Zelda gets the squirrel), but she was not interested in plushy squirrels (which are actually chipmunks). She was interested in butt-scratches.

Video Description: Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt stands in front of me, grinning. I offer her the squirrel. She ignores the squirrel and sits in front of me with her back to me, tilting her head up at me. "What are you doing?" I ask, laughing. I offer her the squirrel again. "Get that squirrel," I tell her. She takes it gently from my hand, plays with it half-heartedly for approximately one second, then walks it over to her bed, lays it down very deliberately, then walks back and stands in front of me with her butt tilted toward me. She wags her tail and looks up at me with a grin. "What—you want butt-scratches?" I ask her. I scratch her at the base of her tail. I stop. She looks at me. "What—do you want MORE butt-scratches?" She tilts her head and grins. "Okay." I scratch her butt. I stop. Her tail wags. She sits in front of me and nudges my hand so I'll scratch her head. (This is the ritual. Butt-scratches, head-scratches, butt-scratches, head-scratches.) "What?" I ask her, scratching all around her head and ears and chin. She looks blissed-out. "Such a good girl." She grins.

Full Disclosure: This video was followed by extensive cuddling and face kisses.

image of Zelda snoozing with her face on my belly
Zelda McEwan: Power Cuddler

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