Random Nerd Blogging: Everything's Better With Sea Monkeys!

...because "Everything's Better With Brine Shrimp" just didn't have the same ring to it.


[Description: An advertisement which says "Only $1.00!" in one corner, over a picture of monkey-looking, anthropomorphized sea creatures which amazingly resemble a white hetero-normative family: Dad, Mom with blond hair in a bow, and two monkey young'uns. In an inset cartoon, a white, heteronormative HUMAN family--Dad, Mom with blonde hair, and two boys--is gazing excitedly into a bowl full of tiny critters. Text: "Enter the Wonderful World of Amazing Sea-Monkeys! Own a BOWLFULL of HAPPINESS! Instant Pets! Just add water--that's all! In one second your amazing Sea-Monkeys actually come to life! Yes they hatch instantly, right before your eyes. Now simply grow and enjoy the most adorable pets ever to bring smiles, laughter, and fun into your home. SO EAGER TO PLEASE, THEY CAN EVEN BE TRAINED! Always clowning around, these frolicsome pets swim, stunt, and play games with each other. Because they are so full of tricks, you'll never tire of watching them. And raising Sea-monkeys is so easy, even a six year old can do so without help. Sea-Monkeys eat very little, and they keep their water so clean, they require only a minimum care although they LOVE attention. Anyone who enjoys the company of pets will ADORE Sea-Monkeys.Best of all, we even teach them to obey your commends like a pack of friendly trained seals. What a way to surprise your guests.]

Scanned from the Sep-Oct 1973 Justice League of America, no 107.

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