Game of Thrones, Explained

[Content Note: Rape culture; objectification; video may not be safe for work.]

Sincere feminist ally Andy Samberg, whose digital shorts for Saturday Night Live are often the best (and frequently the only good thing about) the show, depending on the week, and have often incisively lambasted parts of "dude culture" and rape culture, knocked it out of the park again this weekend with this short skewering Game of Thrones (or, as I like to call it, Game of Boners).

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

Video Description: A parody of HBO's "First Look" behind-the-scenes features, in which cast and crew of their shows are interviewed about the production, story, characters, etc. A white male cast member dressed as Kit Harrington, who plays "Jon Snow," says the show is "an epic story of good versus evil." A white female cast member dressed as an actress named Therese Sullivan, who is identified as playing a character called "Brothel Mistress," says "the characters are all so complex." We are then introduced to the show's two key consultants: Author George R. R. Martin, who explains he's there "to ensure the show honors the spirit" of the books, and "Adam Friedberg, a thirteen-year-old boy," played by Andy Samberg, who says, "I make sure there are lots of boobs in the show!"

Kit Harrington says Adam Friedberg is a genius, as Friedberg shows off his sketch for a scene, which is a stick figure with giant boobs. Cut to Friedberg explaining how he improved a scene of a dude talking to himself by suggesting they add "two naked ladies just going to town on each other" in the background. (Actual show clip.)

George R. R. Martin says Friedberg is a visionary, as Friedberg reviews a cut and complains, "I can't see any butts in this!"

Friedberg also takes lots of bathroom breaks.

Friedberg (over actual show clips): "Last week was one of my most inspired scenes: I was like, in that corner, can we get two people doing it doggy style, and then a dude peeping at that being all, 'Looks good to me!', and then we pan down, and he's got a naked lady working on his wang, and then another dude peeping on that, and he's like, 'Tell me more!' and all of that appeared on television right after Rango. It's HBO!"

[Video via Sean.]

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