1. Sneaky Feminism on the Teevee: Zuzu's got the goods on Kat von D's LA Ink.

2. Antidote to Torture Porn: Red Eye, posits Thea at Shameless, may be a contemporary feminist classic. I had the same thought when I watched the film, which I really enjoyed. And the fact that I adore both Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy was just a big old bonus.

3. Spudsy Might Have to Stop Hating Andy Samberg:

Andy Samberg dons a NOW shirt for
the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards in June.

Totally sincere:

You wore a National Organization of Women shirt to the Spike TV Awards —
I did! Thank you for noticing! I thought it would be funny, because obviously Spike TV is very in the opposite direction. You know, we were promoting the movie, and it was a good time with a lot of fun people we liked. We went and had fun, but you know, I'm from Berkeley, California, I can't go into that thing wholeheartedly. I had to put a little wink in somewhere to let everyone know back home that I hadn't gone all the way.

I was reading a feminism blog that was trying to decide whether you were sincere or ironic.
[laughs] Totally sincere.
Right on. [Via Ann.]

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