The Walking Thread

[Content Note: Gun violence; self-harm.]

image of Carl walking through the woods
"Here, Carl—take this gun and shoot me with it, then shoot everyone
else with it, then dip it in gold and give it to Frank Darabont."

(Spoilers lurch undeadly herein.)

Ugh, this show. UGH. Once again, the part of my critique of this week's episode will be played by an excerpt from Deeky's and my text conversation had whilst watching the final climactic scene (or what settles for climactic in this show):

Liss: I really don't give a shit about watching a dick measuring contest between a bunch of patriarchal hillbillies.*

Deeks: Right? That's all this show is about anymore, huh? Who has a bigger dick? Shane or Grimes?

Liss: Yup.

Deeks: This show is phenomenally stupid.

Liss: For real. If I wanted to watch a bunch of stupid assholes act like incomprehensible dildobrainz, I'd just look out the window. Any window. Anywhere on earth.

Deeks: LOL!


Deeks: Well, at least now we know who has the bigger penis.

Liss: Aw, shit. Well at least SOMEONE'S dead.

Deeks: Not so fast!

Liss: Whut.

Deeks: I don't know.

Liss: Oy this show.

Deeks: Everyone becomes a zombie after they die?

Liss: Since fucking when, right?

Deeks: Since I don't know?

Liss: This show is garbage. I hope Frank Darabont watches it every week while taking a huge dump and laughs and laughs at what it's become without him.

Deeks: LOL! The only good thing is the last two weeks they've killed the two most annoying characters.

Liss: LOLOLOL! Uh, I believe Grimes is STILL ALIVE, sir!

Deeks: LOL!


* "Patriarchal hillbillies" = What the show thinks of white Southern men, which is a whole other post. Not to be confused with what I think of white Southern men, which is primarily that they are not a monolith, including the fact that not all of them have dicks.

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