Daily Dose of Cute

Every once in awhile, we give the dogs this moist dogfood from the local feed store that's all organic and fancy la-dee-da. They love it, so it's a huge treat for them, even though it's good for them. (We couldn't afford to make it their regular food, since Dudley alone would need five cans a day, lol.) Anyway, here's a little video of the monsters going wild when Iain's about to give them their special dinner.

Video Description: Iain stands in the doorway of the kitchen; Dudley and Zelly sit in front of him, looking up at him expectantly. "Do you know what's wrong with these dogs, babe?" he asks. "I have no idea," I reply. I pan down to Zelly's tail wagging against the floor. "What's up, you guys? You guys hungry?" Iain asks. I gasp excitedly. "Are you hungry, puppies?!" I ask. Zelly turns and looks at me. "You guys want food?" Iain asks. Dudley collapses to the floor dramatically. "Is that what it is, hmm?" Dudley grumbles and wags his tail. I laugh. "All right, well, I'll think about it," Iain says, then turns and walks into the kitchen. Zelly follows him in; Dudley goes to the door, looks in, runs back to the rug on which they're fed, runs back to the door, back to the rug, and playbows with a bark and a windmilling tail. Iain walks back in holding two bowls, Zelly behind him. Dudley leaps up to sniff the food. "Waitwaitwait!" Iain says, as he walks to the other side of the rug. I laugh. Dudley can hardly contain his excitement, and again flops onto the floor into a lie position. Zelly sits down politely beside him. They look up at Iain. "All right," he says, "are you both sitting? Are you both good puppies? You both want some food?" They look up at him eagerly. "You ready?" He makes a sound like a releasing slingshot and quickly bows, putting the food on the floor. The dogs hop up and dig in. "Go! Eat! Fast!" he says. (Which is a joke, because they are not quick eaters.) I laugh as, after all that drama, the dogs eat calmly and slowly.

And here are some still images of the monsters in the garden, on another unseasonably lovely day care of global climate change:

Dudley the Greyhound in the garden, next to a hole
Dudley, tall and proud and two-dimensional next to his newest digging experiment.

Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt in the garden, sitting and keeping watch
Zelda, checking things out to see if there are any squirrels who need herding.

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