Daily Dose of Cute

The Adventures of Watch Dog and Not-Watch Dog:

Video Description: Zelly sits beside me in the garden, alert. Her Dorito ears are perked up like little parabolic receivers, and her nose twitches as she swivels her head around, checking things out. A plane flies overhead; she looks up. Okay, noted, it's a plane. She yawns. She looks toward the sounds of a pair of robins in the park behind our house, then toward the sound of an ambulance siren. She is keen to know and understand everything. I pan to the left. Dudley is lying splayed out on the ground, asleep. His ear twitches.

For those who can't view video, still images are below the fold...

Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt lies on the living room floor, smiling
Happy Dog is happy after our morning walk to the park yesterday!

Dudley the Greyhound lies on the sofa on his back, all curled up, asleep
Lazy Dog is lazy after our morning walk to the park yesterday!

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