Something Something Ron Paul

[Content Note: Rape culture; encroachments on reproductive rights; violence.]

Yesterday, I wrote about Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's recent interview with CNN host Piers Morgan in which Paul said he would give a family member who had survived a rape "a shot of estrogen," but only "if it's an honest rape."

scatx has been following up on reactions to this story and its coverage at the tumblr she created expressly for that purpose, Honest Rape. If you'd like to submit your translations of what Ron Paul meant by "honest rape," you can do so here.

an image of Ron Paul reading 'Honest Rape: Forcing a person to do what you want hir to do with hir body by opportunistic exploitation, coercion, or force, instead of doing it via federal and/or state legislation.' accompanied by an arrow pointing at Ron Paul labeled 'anti-choice'.
My contribution.

Also, as per usual, the violent trolls are coming out in droves in response to scatx's feminist anti-rape activism, threatening and harassing her, thus proving the goddamn point again, and in the interest of balancing that scale a bit, I just want to take a moment to note that scatx is brave and strong and clever and awesome, a total fucking champion, and I am glad to have her on my side.

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