Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Reproductive rights; racism.]

"The people on the pro-abortion side say, 'Trent you have a much bigger issue and a much bigger agenda here than just sex-selection and race-selection abortion,' and I think the honest thing for me to do is say yes that's true. I want someday for children of all sexes and all races to be protected and that's definitely an agenda for me and I think it should be for all people in the human family. But at least we can get together on this much, that it's wrong to abort a little child because it's the wrong sex or the wrong race, if we can't come together on that then I'm afraid that any hope of commonalty and unity in this country is lost forever."—US Representative from Arizona Trent Franks (R-Ancid), admitting "that his bill to ban abortions based on the race or sex of the fetus wasn't so much about stopping race or sex-based abortions but a ploy to criminalize abortion overall."

Another SHOCKING revelation from the antii-choice brigade.

The funny thing is that there was ever any pretense about the abject fuckery of this bill in the first place. I'm reminded of the bitterly humorous response of Loretta Ross, the national coordinator of Atlanta-based SisterSong, a reproductive justice organization for women of color: "It's kind of hard to find evidence that a black woman is going to have an abortion because she's surprised to find her baby is black. It just strains credulity to think that's a problem," she says with a hearty laugh. "I mean, she wakes up in the morning and says 'Oh my god! My baby's black?'"

For the record, I am definitely in agreement that little children should not be aborted, on whatever planet in whatever alien species little children exist in utero.

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