Photos of the Day

OMG, y'all! There are SO MANY great wire photos from CPAC today! WOWEE WOW does that look like a fun place to be! I have literally just looked at HUNDREDS of photos of angry white conservatives and Herman Cain screaming from patriotic podiums! I can't even begin to imagine HOW SUPER DUPER FUN it is to be there!

Here are some of my FAVORITE PHOTOS that are NOT of angry people with veins popping out of their foreheads who are furiously pointing while definitely saying things like "Obamacare" and "handouts":

image of buttons featuring Ronald Reagan's face and reading 'Reagan 2012'

PERFECT. I mean, those buttons are almost TOO perfect, aren't they? If I ever see anything more perfecter than Reagan 2012 campaign pins, I will begin to fear for the dimensional stability of the multiverse.

a picture of Ron Paul surrounded by lots of little US flags

This is from the last CPAC because Ron Paul isn't attending this one, so Reuters is sending it out again: We miss you, Ron Paul! LYLAS! Stay sweet!

image of buttons reading 'I miss W'
Big seller, I'll bet. HUGE.

an image of a Dr. Seuss-like book mocking President Obama

That likeness is UNCANNY! (No, it isn't.) If there's one thing you can say about conservatives, it's that their totally racist and otherwise very inappropriate caricatures of President Obama are VERY GOOD. (Nope, they're not.)

image of former Vice President Dick Cheney smiling at the camera
Hey, look who it is! Looking good, Darth Creepious Mr. Vice President!


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