Pack It Up. We're Done Here.

The Great American Experiment has officially failed:
Mississippi State Rep. Steve Holland, a Democrat, introduced a bill in the state's lower chamber calling for the part of the Gulf of Mexico that borders his state to be renamed the "Gulf of America."

A local Latino GOP organization called on Holland to withdraw the measure. "If this bill passes the legislature and is signed into law, perhaps it is time to rename the Mississippi River," wrote Bob Quasius, Café Con Leche's president, in the letter. "After all, sharing a name with a state that wants to rewrite maps out of disdain for Mexicans would be a disgrace to the rest of the nation."
All right, well, Bob Quasius might have bought us another year. Good one, Bob.

Someone please send Rep. Holland a memo informing him that Mexico is part of the Americas.

UPDATE: In comments, Shaker Anitanola links to a piece in which Holland asserts it's all a big joke to highlight that the GOP is failing to "feed, clothe and educate children, take care of older adults, provide economic development and high systems in this state." Um, okay. Suffice it to say I am unconvinced that pretend (?) racism that is indistinguishable from authentic racism is not a very effective strategy to expose the GOP's fuckery.

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